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Jam ta cuisine

Sandwiches, wraps and ciabattas

Sandwiches, wraps and ciabattas

Gourmet buffet selection

Choice of 3

  • Egg sandwich*
  • Chicken, mayo, celery and green onion sandwich*
  • Rolled smoked salmon, arugula, whipped cheese, chives and pickles
  • Wrap with grilled chicken, chipotle mayo, spinach, grated carrots and green beans
  • Chicken Caesar wrap, lettuce, bacon, cheese and homemade Caesar sauce
  • Homemade veggie pĂątĂ© wrap, chipotle mayo, spinach and grated carrots
  • Tuna wrap, chipotle mayo, spinach, grated carrots and red onions
  • Ciabatta with goat cheese and grilled vegetables (eggplant, sweet potatoes and peppers)
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